Let me introduce myself. My name is Reginald Taylor and I live in a very nice hedgehog house situated at the bottom of a garden in the West Midlands. Mr and Mrs Taylor who own the big house at the top of the garden look after me very well and give me plenty of food and water every night to keep me fit and healthy.

Mr Taylor has kindly created this web site for me which is jam packed full of fun and interesting things to see and do. If you are allowed to stay up until at least 10.30pm (GMT) you might just get to see me visit my house via the 'Regcam" button. Don't worry if that's way past your bedtime though because you can always see some pre-recorded video clips of me in the 'Reggie's Video & Photo' section of the site. Sometimes I have friends join me for a sleep over. Maisie the mouse, Bertie the beetle and Paul the spider. If your lucky you might just see one of them soon!

Check out my new video 'The Rise and Fall of Reginald Taylor'

I would love to hear from you. If you would like to get in touch with me then please use the 'Contact Reggie' link above.

All the best
Reggie x